Londonderry Public School Colour Fun Run fundraiser for new technology

STUDENTS at Londonderry Public School enjoyed a colour-filled day on Thursday, April 12, while raising money to upgrade the school’s technology offering.

The school’s first ever Colour Fun Run was held on the school grounds to coincide with the Commonwealth Games, and students asked their friends, neighbours and relatives to sponsor them to reach their goal of $10,000.

Classroom Teacher Roschelle Morwood said the funds will be used to upgrade technology in the school so all students would be able to access the devices they need to complete research and projects as the syllabus demands.

“Unfortunately the funding that our school is allocated is not sufficient to upgrade the technology in line with what we need and we have iPads and computers that are eight years old still in use,” Ms Morwood said.

“As you can imagine they are barely hanging on and we are a long way from being able to have every student on a device whenever it is needed.

“The students and teachers are not just sitting back and accepting it, they are fundraising to make sure our school can afford an upgrade.”

The Londonderry community also got involved with the Colour Fun Run: the Londonderry RFS drove their trucks out for demonstrations and the NSW Police sent officers to engage with the students on the day.

A large number of parents volunteered to help out during the fundraiser.

To donate and help Londonderry fund new technology, go to​.