Horoscopes: week beginning April 15, 2018

ARIES: There’s lots of money floating around you during April 16-18: the temptation to do something “big” with it is likely to prove too much. Value for money doesn’t seem to be an issue. Passion for an ideal or objective accounts for about ninety-nine per cent of success. Application of such motivation in dealing with money, career interests and authority proves successful during April 17, 18.

TAURUS: Your connections with others are good during April 16-18, whether it is love that beckons or that lucrative partnership. With expectations so high, you need a dose of realism. Taureans will fervently embrace ideas and philosophies that have the potential to completely change their lives. April 17, 18 is also an excellent time for long distance travel.

GEMINI: Jovian influences tend to make your life a delight, not only for the ease with which you accomplish things but also for the good conditions that assist in your accomplishments. Dealings with the taxation department, bank, super funds and insurance companies should prove helpful during April 17, 18. You’ll find that some of your problems are alleviated.

CANCER: There is such a joy and appreciation of life enveloping you during April 16-18, it’s easy to overextend yourself. Enjoy what life has on offer, but don’t lose your senses in excess. April 17, 18 is a period marked by passionate encounters with someone you love, making it an ideal time to spend time together. Many achievements can be born from this period.

LEO: You possess a desire to beautify everything around you during April 16-18, but especially your home. It’s likely you’ll be lashing out on some extravagant purchase then. Any exercises requiring personal skill are best exercised during April 17, 18. Exceptional quality of work is attained, with appropriate recognition forthcoming.

VIRGO: There’s a lot of time-wasting during April 16-18 because you want to take time to appreciate the inherent beauty of daily life. There’s nothing wrong with this attitude occasionally. Virgoans are providing direction in the lives of those they love during April 17, 18, encouraging the attainment of ambition. Parents are particularly successful in doing so.

LIBRA: Librans have abundant resources at their disposal during April 16-18 and are likely to indulge in something special then. These aspects are good for income producing activities. In making new beginnings, you often need to rid yourself of accumulated and unneeded stuff, often requiring a review of your situation. Such is the case during April 17, 18.

SCORPIO: The delights life has on offer are overwhelming for Scorpio during April 16-18, as your financial tree blossoms, your heart is full with love, and you partake in the richness of life. You’ll be showing someone else the way during April 17, 18, demonstrating how to get things done effectively. This time period strengthens bonds of love.

SAGITTARIUS: Your desire for freedom will take you to places where you’ll have plenty of space around you during April 16-18. It’s great to be free from the bonds that normally restrict you. By working with someone else you can share in joint financial rewards during April 17, 18. You’ll find this a fulfilling exercise, simultaneously easing your own workload.

CAPRICORN: Capricorn people will be exploring social opportunities to escape the normal pressures of living during April 16-18. However, don’t raise your expectations too high. During April 17, 18 Capricorn natives experience a thirst for life which can only be quenched by shared activities with friends, children and those they love.

AQUARIUS: April 16-18 are filled with golden moments and splendid opportunities, marked by personal achievement, promotion, good fortune, and the sheer enjoyment of living. You can harness the powers around you to make important differences during April 17, 18. Helping someone in need gives you enormous satisfaction then.

PISCES: Pisceans want to explore the world at the moment, whether by travel, study, or via the path of enlightenment. There are urges from your soul driving you along these paths. The primal fires of ambition burn deep within your soul during April 17, 18, ensuring you make successful inroads to your goals. You are surrounded by similarly minded people.

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