New emojis - redheads included - on the way in 2018

Calling all carrot tops: it’s time to stop googling “why is there no ginger emoji?”

Yes. Your day is almost here.

Years of being maligned thanks to your melanin and sometimes frizzy, always glorious ginger manes, equality is looming.

The ginger emoji is definitely coming this year.

At last, the calls of #giveustheginge and #theclownisnotenough (as one very small campaign pushed) have been heeded and a redhead emoji is perhaps the major feature of the 2018 emoji update.

Unicode’s Emoji 11.0 is likely to be adopted by major vendors in the second half of 2018, and within it are 14 gingers.

The bloodnut crew is part of the 157-strong increase in emojis, which also includes bald, curly and white-haired men and women, superheroes, villains, legs and feet, all in various skin tones.

There will be more to be found in the food and drinks tab, including mangoes, leafy greens, cupcakes, salt, bagels and moon cakes.

New in the animal range is a nod to Australia, with a kangaroo – and some may even say the mosquito.

Pirate flags, infinity symbols, chess pieces, sports, arts and crafts, more household items and travel also 

Emojipedia celebrated the announcement by releasing sample images for the entire emoji list.

And if there’s still not the emoji you’re after, you’ll have to get in quick.

“To be considered for emoji 12.0, new emoji proposals must be submitted before the end of March 2018. This schedule is to align with the 2019 release of the Unicode Standard,” Unicode said.

Meanwhile, the arrival of the redhead emoji has caused quite the triumphant stir on Twitter.



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