Alternative providers on 89.9FM not bringing home bacon reliably yet

RADIO GA GA: Listeners want a reliable service.

RADIO GA GA: Listeners want a reliable service.

TRANSMISSION problems are continuing for the new triple-share broadcasting arrangement on our district’s community radio station, 89.9FM.

Bilpin resident John Keeble wrote to the community radio regulatory body ACMA with his concerns on December 11.

“What on earth is going on with Hawkesbury radio?” he wrote. “Yesterday at midday they went off the air to allow another station to take over. Immediately all I get is static and the same this morning. This also happened last week when Hawkesbury Gold took over. It’s about time you did something about this debacle and got Hawkesbury radio back on air permanently. It’s bushfire season and residents need this station to keep them informed.”

ACMA replied that it “was aware that CAMS was off-air but that it resolved the technical problems and resumed broadcasting.” However on Tuesday morning, during CAMS’ stint, there was nothing coming out of 89.9FM again.