Crime down in the Hawkesbury

Figures released by the New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) indicate that crime in most areas of the Hawkesbury and the State is down or stable in nearly all categories.

The Crime Maps available from BOCSAR identifies that the Hawkesbury Local Government area is following a downward trend in the major crime categories.

Police from the Hawkesbury Local Area Command attribute these results to several factors, including advanced technologies, effective deployment of resources and the effective partnerships built with other government and non-government agencies.

“A further factor in achieving these results according to local police is the excellent relationship between the Hawkesbury community and police,” a spokesperson for Hawkesbury Police said.

“The confidence of the community in the ability of police to address local issues has seen increased reporting of crime and continued support in addressing community issues.”

Police can be contacted at Windsor Police Station twenty-four hours a day on 4587 4099 and there are several other options for getting in touch if you need assistance.

The crimes that are trending down over a two-year period are:

  • domestic violence related assault (down 3.5%)
  • break and enter - dwelling (down 7.8%)
  • break and enter – non-dwelling (down 5.8%)
  • steal from dwelling (down 5.7%)
  • steal from person (down 11.1%)
  • fraud (down 8.5%)
  • malicious damage to property (down 2.7%)