Hawkeye: it's never too late to catch up on complete rubbish

Further to our LED sign titter at Richmond Club’s one on Richmond Road which said “check our webasite” (now fixed), we have this one. Or do all LED signs have random ‘a’s inserted in their messages? As usual, I’d just blame it on the work experience kid.

Moving a motion

At the Hawkesbury Council meeting, after the conclusion of a lengthy debate, there was a five minute adjournment. During that time, several councillors snuck out to the toilet, but an unexpected motion to move an item on the business paper forward was moved, and a vote was needed. Most of the councillors hurried back except for one, Cr Reynolds, who was in the toilet and did not hear the call for a vote. Cr Zamprogno suggested that Cr Reynolds was passing his own motion at the time, to a roar of laughter from the chamber. When asked to confirm this version of events by Hawkeye, he said "This was incorrect because I didn't have the numbers".

Hip lingo

On talking to a Blue Mountains Gazette journo, I heard her make a reference to ‘K-town’. Ay? Brain reeling, I came up with “Katoomba, is it?” Yes. “That’s what the locals call it,” she said, adding that it was better for headlines. Katoomba is a bugger of a word to fit anything else in with on a line – as is the word Hawkesbury.

Now with added sheep

Those driving to Windsor on Windsor Road will have seen the business at Vineyard on the left – Westrucks Truck and Trailer Repairs just before Park Road. In the afternoon there are often sheep grazing out the front near a bed of reeds. I assumed they’d busted out from the paddock next door. There’s no fence between them and the road and I always worry for them. Recently I saw a ‘shepherd’ watching them though. Does anyone know the story behind them? Ring or text 0427 285 756.

Mankini jubilation

Trusty regular Hawkeye mole Tom passed on the joyful fact which will have Hawkesbury women dancing in the streets as the solution to the male half of their present-buying list – THE REJECT SHOP IS SELLING CHRISTMAS MANKINIS! Don’t get killed in the stampede.

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