Make your environment friendly to pollinators - the birds and the bees

It's not just bees that are pollinators.
It's not just bees that are pollinators.

Pollinators are a critical part of the food chain and you can learn more about them at one of the "Pollinators and Habitats" workshops at Richmond this week.

Come along to the EarthCare Centre at Western Sydney University for a guided tour and discussion about how to make your environment a great place for these important creatures.

The workshops explain the many types of pollinators beyond bees – birds, bats, butterflies, blowflies, and insects that don’t start with B!

Pollinators maintain ecological processes like evolution. This is particularly important now that we know that characteristics of all living organisms are influenced by epigenetics. 

“Species development relies on vectors for gene transfer and the environmental factors 'switching' them on or off.” EarthCare’s Eric Brocken said.

“Common concerns are around the loss of fruit and seed sets which affect our food supply but there are many other effects of losing pollinators. Diversity of plantings and flowerings are likely to support better pollinator survival, as will using less chemicals.

The workshops are on this Thursday, November 16 and  Saturday, November 18 at 11am. Cost is $10. Book on 0438 731 712.

The centre is on the corner of Campus Drive and Science Road.