Less for more with renamed toilet suite

Dedicated Hawkeye readers (tee hee, what a concept) will remember the splendidly-named Uranus toilet suite (pictured left, appropriately at bottom) from a Blacktown paper which featured in this column a few weeks ago. Well obviously someone else picked up on the marvellous name, and the latest version sadly had the name taken off – and the price jacked up 30 bucks. Nothing like less for more as a marketing tool! 

It also looks like they were too scared to come up with an alternative name in case they stuffed it up again. If any readers can think of a suitable alternative name, email me on justine.doherty@fairfaxmedia.com.au or text 0427 285 756 and I will share them next week with our other dedicated Hawkeye reader – if there is one. I could also suggest it to the company?

Bathurst inspiration

On Sunday our sports journo saw a driver obviously inspired by the Bathurst races fanging it around the corner from Yarramundi Lane into Bells Line of Road to cross North Richmond bridge. He came out so fast on the wet road that he slid across sideways before correcting. Then our journo saw his numberplate – some misspelling of RECKLESS. I guess he did warn everyone.

St Matthew’s memories

With the 200-year celebration of St Matthew’s Anglican Church at Windsor, Hawkeye would like to hear from anyone who has interesting memories from their experience of the church and I will put them in Hawkeye. Email me on justine.doherty@fairfaxmedia.com.au or text 0427 285 756 especially if you have a pic to go with it. 

Dirty rain

With the extraordinarily dry winter, not only are our gardens dying but the air must be filthy. The little spattering of rain on Sunday night made my car look like I’d been driving down a dirt road.

Paperwork offsite

A press release I got Tuesday said 70 per cent of those with house and contents insurance don’t know how much their possessions are worth and aren’t sure exactly what they are insured for. It said we should be keeping receipts, valuations and photos of items – not only keeping them, but keeping them offsite in case of a fire. You’ve been told! It also said 72 per cent haven’t made alterations to their house required by their policy – like having keyed window locks on all windows.