Fit Kidz Learning Centre Vineyard prioritised outdoor learning during Outdoor Classroom Day

CHILDREN from Fit Kidz Learning Centre in Vineyard prioritised playtime outside the walls of the classroom during Outdoor Classroom Day on Thursday, September 7.

Over 200,000 kids from more than 2,000 schools and early learning centres across Australia took their lessons during Outdoor Classroom Day, in a bid to raise awareness about and increase the amount of time kids spend playing outdoors.

Fit Kidz centre director Melinda Burns said her students spent all day outside, apart from when they needed to use the bathroom.

“All activities, meals and even sleep time took place outside,” Ms Burns said.

“Our pre-schoolers went on an excursion through adjoining bush land in search of bugs and insects. Whilst on our excursion, we found a fair bit of rubbish so armed the children with gloves and they happily assisted in cleaning up the area.”

This was the first time Australian schools and early learning centres had participated in Outdoor Classroom Day - an international event aimed at demonstrating the importance of utilising the outdoor environment within curriculums to promote learning.

According to Galaxy Research, outdoor learning equips children with the fundamental ‘success skills’ to overcome and adapt to challenges.

The same research revealed that parents think the biggest risks that kids face today as a result of having less outdoor play time compared to past generations is a lack of social resilience, poor fine and gross motor skills, and lack of perseverance.