The Hills Council election: Airport pollution a key issue for Greens

IMPACT AREA: An estimated noise map from the planned Western Sydney Airport. Picture: The Hills Greens
IMPACT AREA: An estimated noise map from the planned Western Sydney Airport. Picture: The Hills Greens

A top priority for The Greens standing for Hills Shire is to have the Council take up the impact of noise and air pollution from the proposed Western Sydney Airport (WSA) on local residents and the implications for house prices.

Greens East Ward lead candidate Catherine Woolnough said the issue of aircraft noise from the planned Western Sydney Airport has been “ignored for too long” by the council.

“Noise pollution would be a serious issue for our community if Western Sydney Airport goes ahead,” Ms Woolnough said.

“Our suburbs are approximately 25km to 30jm from the proposed WSA site or approximately100 seconds from take off.

“The first runway will angle directly towards Blacktown and The Hills district, and we can expect noise levels of 70-80 dBa which is the equivalent of using a vacuum cleaner.

“Unlike Sydney Airport which has an 11 pm to 6am curfew, it is proposed that WSA operate with no proposed flight cap and no flight curfew.

“This means 24/7 noise burden on residents of The Hills.

“The council needs to inform people about the effects of aircraft noise on people and house prices. There seems to be a deliberate ploy to keep quiet about this.

“I was appalled to learn that a public forum booked for the Wrights Road Community Centre in Kellyville in 2016 was shut down by the council.

“Our councillors should get informed and take a public stance on the issue like mayors of Blacktown and Blue Mountains councils have done.

“I have personally contacted all the councillor candidates to ask their views on the issue, however no one has responded.

“The Hills District has no representative on the Forum on Western Sydney Airport (FOWSA). At the very least we should have a representative.

“FOWSA is tasked with designing the flight paths. The Greens are also concerned about misleading claims on jobs growth.”

Greens NSW senator Lee Rhiannon who has been campaigning with the Greens team for East Ward, the council should be informing people about the air and noise pollution that would impact on local residents from the planned WSA.

“I look forward to continuing my work with Hills Greens on this important issue,” Ms Rhiannon said.

“Strong investment by federal and state governments in western Sydney is needed now - not for another airport, but for projects that deliver on community needs.

"The way the second airport has been used to try and con people that there will be jobs growth in western Sydney has gone on for years. 

"The NSW Business Chamber asserts an airport in Western Sydney would deliver 28,000 jobs over 35 years. However, the Joint Study on Aviation Capacity puts the figure closer to 10,000 jobs by 2040."

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