Eagle Arts and Vocational College in Bligh Park is being investigated by the NSW Education Standards Authority

Image: Supplied
Image: Supplied

EAGLE Arts and Vocational College said the school risks being closed down by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) if they don’t meet a variety of “complicated compliance regulations” by September.

Staff and students from the Eagle Arts Bligh Park campus will stage a “peaceful protest” outside the NESA offices on Thursday, over the investigation.

According to a NESA report, the department conducted an inspection at the school on May 24, in relation to renewal of registration for Years 8 and 12.

At that time, the NESA inspector found that the school demonstrated its compliance with the requirements for registration, the report said.

The Hawkesbury Gazette published an article on June 29 called ‘Alternative school for disengaged teenagers’, about the educational program offered at the school.

The NESA report said a NESA inspector read the article and found the content caused “concern that the School may not be meeting the requirements for registration.”

On July 20, NESA conducted another inspection at the school.

A NESA spokesperson told the Gazette: “The school has been advised of the findings of the recent inspection of the school conducted by NESA.

“The school has been provided the opportunity to respond to those findings for consideration by the NESA School Registration Committee when it meets on 20 September 2017.”