Snapshot of when train ran to Kurrajong

This is part of the massive destination board in Central’s country trains hall from 1906 until 1982. I remember it well (and the neon Penfold’s sign which had a bunch of grapes with red wine dripping out of it – a highlight of any visit there when I was a kid). It’s now at the Powerhouse Museum at Ultimo. I looked for the Richmond Line – and there it was, like the sighting of a unicorn – ‘All stations to Kurrajong’. The board has been set up from a timetable from a Sunday in 1937, which of course was right in the middle of when the Pansy ran to Kurrajong (1926-52). I also remember catching the old diesel train out to Richmond, and cows running away from it around Vineyard as it was so noisy. 

Calling all Watsons

The current Hawkesbury phone book lists 26 Watsons, but not everyone’s in the phone book, so if you know one, let them know that the Powerhouse Museum is calling all Watsons to The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes on  August 26-27. On that weekend, all visitors named ‘Watson’ will get free entry to the exhibition, as well as half price entry for a friend. Bring your ID to prove it. You can explore a recreation of the study of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, see original manuscripts and visit an accurate recreation of 221B Baker Street, the home of Sherlock Holmes and sidekick Watson. There are also costumes 

Do do for you you

During a debate at the last Council meeting regarding a wastewater treatment system – in other words a sewerage system – for the duck processing facility at Tennyson, Greens councillor Danielle Wheeler declared there was no such thing as a 'pooless duck'. The comment was a crowd pleaser and got a roar of laughter from the audience in the gallery on the night. The cat was then out of the bag, with Matthew Owens then replying "we do do...." to a question put to him. Our infantile Council reporter didn’t get the rest of his sentence down as he was laughing too hard. (I wouldn’t have done any better – very partial to poo jokes).

$5 paid back – nearly

Re: Susan Templeman’s $5 she owes me (Hawkeye last week) – our journalist Conor met with one of Ms Templeman's staff for a story on Friday. The staff member duly handed over a $5 bill. However I still haven’t got it as he needed it for pizza that night. : (  In this case I WILL shoot the messenger.