Has Revelation happened and we've all been left behind?

Hawkeye saw these shoes on the footpath on Windsor Street near Richmond Mall on Monday. Has Revelation happened and that person has been spirited up to heaven, meaning we’re all the sinners left behind for the apocalypse? Or was it an avid pole dancer who couldn’t resist the one-hour parking sign to show off her moves - then forgot her shoes? Or was it a naked invisible woman holding on to the pole? Or a doubly careless Cinderella who left behind not one slipper but two? Hmmmmm. These are the conundrums Richmond life throws up. 

Hawkeye bankrolls MP

Lucky for Macquarie MP Susan Templeman that Hawkeye was there at the art exhibition running concurrently with the Veterans’ Day service last Thursday at St John of God at North Richmond. As I was the only person in the room she knew, she hit me up for five bucks, the amount she was short before she could buy a lacquered tray off a patient who was selling them there. I don’t mind carrying the loan Susan – but it’s $6 now. And $7.20 next week….

Handbag search woes

A survey of 1488 Australian women commissioned by the Pilot pen company found only 8 per cent of women describe their handbag as organised. The survey said that assuming five minutes of rifling through your bag a day equates to 81 days of your life spent doing that. It said 47 per cent described their bag as cluttered. It also said most women responded that they carry the same handbag most of the time; 20 per cent said they have a ‘weekday’ and a ‘weekend’ handbag and 16 per cent like to change their handbag several times a week to coordinate with their outfit. The survey also talked about the worst thing people have found in their handbag. Sophie Elliott from Brisbane took the cake after admitting she’d found a dead lizard in her handbag. “Her son had a few weeks earlier found a baby water dragon, and kept asking if they could take it home. Sophie said no, and explained that the garden was the dragon’s home,” the press release said. “After a lot of whining, I thought he had given up. But a few weeks later, I was rummaging through my handbag when shopping and I felt something odd and pulled out this dead lizard. I shrieked out.’ Another found a cheese stick from when her grandchildren had visited – two years before. Text me on 0427 285 756 if you have a handbag horror story.