Black Hawk choppers fly over Richmond

Picture: Defence Australia.
Picture: Defence Australia.

Richmond residents may have seen some Black Hawk helicopter hovering around the region in recent days, as part of a Defence training exercise which is being carried out this month.

Up to five Black Hawk helicopters will fly over the Sydney, Wollongong and Nowra regions, including Richmond, from June 2 to 30 part of the training exercise.

The exercise will ensure Australian Defence Force (ADF) pilots and aircrew are well trained for flying in all conditions across urban and rural areas.

Flights will occur during the afternoon and evening, generally often concluding by approximately 11:30pm.

Some flight paths are necessarily lower than normal and unavoidable noise may be noticeable heard for short periods. Residents should not be concerned if they hear or see these activities occurring.

The ADF acknowledges that these activities may result in possible disturbances to local residents, however, wherever possible, the ADF seeks to minimise this disruption.