Baulkham Hills greyhound trainer pleads guilty to animal cruelty offences

A BAULKHAM Hills greyhound trainer has pleaded guilty to multiple animal cruelty-related charges at Parramatta Local Court on Friday.

The man was charged Aggravated Animal Cruelty and Failure to Provide Veterinary Treatment after the trainer’s greyhound Milkshake died.

A medical examination by vets showed that Milkshake had been left thin and weak, and was suffering from  severe dental disease and advanced kidney disease.

The greyhound died from starvation and being denied access to medical care.

The trainer was fined $1,000 for Aggravated Animal Cruelty and $400 for Failure to Provide Veterinary Treatment.

He will be banned from having any animals for five years, except for his existing dog Squiggles as the greyhound is on the dangerous dogs list.

RSPCA NSW will have regular inspections to make sure Squiggles is being well looked after.

The dog will remain in the trainer’s care as it is illegal to re-home a dangerous dog. 

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