Grim Reaper puts wind up hospital worker

A friend of Hawkeye’s who works at Liverpool Hospital snapped this Grim Reaper walking across the road outside the hospital on May 4, complete with skeletal hand clutching the staff. At least he was leaving, not entering. 

Lost a crucifix?

Hawkeye found a weighty metal crucifix in the grass on Richmond Oval on May 6, with a loop indicating it came off a neck chain. If you think it might be yours, ring me on 4588 0806.

Hustling husband

The great haul from Hawkesbury Hospital auxiliary’s stall at Hawkesbury Show was at least partially due to one of the ladies’ husbands. The auxiliary had scored a cracker of a position, outside the art and craft pavilion but a downside of being so central was that volunteers at the stall were constantly being asked where the toilets and ATM were. The enterprising husband would reply “I’ll tell you if you buy a raffle ticket”. 

Council taco debate

Our Council reporter was reminded of the taco ad where Mexicans debate whether hardshell or softshell tacos are better. They end up deciding “why don't we just have both?”.” A similar epiphany was reached by Councillor Paul Rasmussen at Council’s last meeting. After a long debate about whether an application for a water treatment system at a duck farm required a site visit or a briefing session, Cr Rasmussen suggested they do both. The idea was a revelation to the other councillors who embraced the idea, allowing everyone to move on.

Kindness of strangers

Fay of Richmond rang the Gazette on Tuesday last week as she was overcome by the kindness of two women in their 40s behind her in the queue at Richmond Coles. Fay had gone down to Coles “as the larder was a bit bare” but was in the embarrassing position at the checkout of not having enough money to pay for it all. “I’m 82 and that’s the first time that’s happened to me in 82 years!” Fay said. She put a few items back – but it still wasn’t enough. The two women behind her, who weren’t friends, wouldn’t hear of Fay putting more groceries back, and stumped up the $8 shortfall between them. “I still feel terrible about it,” Fay said. I said “you might have felt terrible about it Fay but those women probably went away feeling happy at having been able to help you!” “Well I certainly hope so,” she replied.