Robbie Katter to hand out free ear muffs at One Night Stand

Could be be some Katter-wauling at One Night Stand?

Could be be some Katter-wauling at One Night Stand?

Be ready for some “katter-wauling” at One Night Stand!

KAP State Member for Mount Isa Robbie Katter congratulates Triple J for bringing One Night Stand to Mount Isa this weekend, though he did have a word of warning to attendees with rumours his tone-deaf father Bob could sing at the event.

“Mount Isa is very excited to be hosting this event and I want to welcome everyone to our great city,” Mr Katter said.

“But I care about the people who live in my hometown. As a kid I had to put up with the old man’s singing and was regularly embarrassed in front of my mates.

“The first time I heard him sing I was quite confused, and had to ask mum why anyone would strangle a cat. Mum informed me the noise was from dad’s mouth and to just ignore it and not encourage it.”

Mr Katter said he had ordered ear plugs in bulk.

“I bought all these ear plugs, and then realised that was very irresponsible,” he said.

“Ear plugs really won’t cut it. So I sent them back and got thousands of heavy duty ear muffs instead. It’s not worth the risk.

Mr Katter also advised locals to lock their dogs in sound proof rooms ahead of Bob’s potential ‘performance’.

“Whenever dad sings, any dogs within a 5km radius go completely mad. They howl for hours. It’s worse than thunder or fireworks,” he said.