Susan Templeman backs scrapping of 457 Visas but wants more money directed to training

Susan Templeman. Picture: Geoff Jones
Susan Templeman. Picture: Geoff Jones

SCRAPPING 457 Visas is fine but more money needs to be invested in skills and training according to Member for Macquarie Susan Templeman.

The Visas were introduced in 1996 as a way to import skilled labour from overseas to combat temporary shortages.

The 457 Visas have been replaced by two new ones, with tougher requirements to obtaining them.

The move to scrap the 457 Visas was to ensure Australians were able to obtain Australian jobs according to Mr Turnbull.

Ms Templeman said she agreed that Australians should have the first pick of Australians job.

“Labor has been saying we should prioritise Australian jobs,” she said.

“We think there needs to be a real tightening of the temporary work migration visa.”

Ms Templeman said scrapping 457 Visas would not necessarily lead to more Australians in work.

She cited a shortage of chefs in the Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains areas.

“I know there are some local restaurants who would love to hire Australians but there just aren't enough skilled chefs around,” she said.

“You have to ask what is the reason for that.

“This only works to promote employment of Australians, which should be our priority, if you put a big investment into skills and training and this government has taken billions out of skills and training.”

Ms Templeman also said she would like to see a requirement ensuring businesses have exhausted all local options before taking on imported labour.

She said there would always be a place for the importation of labour, such as seasonal fruit pickers, but companies ought to be looking to employ Australians first, and then abroad second.