When you're at least there in spirit

Our Council reporter noticed something funny about one of the photos in a Council document last week. All 12 councillors appeared in the photo (bottom left), although he could have sworn he had seen the photo before - minus one of them (top left). Sure enough, look closely – it’s worth getting your glasses out for – and see if you can tell which councillor has had their mug photoshopped in. (Hint: they appear to share legs with Pete Reynolds.)

Council Cookie Monster

At every Council meeting there is an offering of biscuits, which the public is free to enjoy. At the extraordinary meeting on Monday, despite a very small crowd, the large plate of biscuits out in the foyer was completely demolished. The culprit, however, made himself known at the ordinary meeting the next night. During a break in proceedings there was banter between the councillors and the crowd about the missing biscuits. Andrew Kennedy, a vocal young Liberal audience member, confessed to the entire chamber that he was the one who had devoured the majority of the biscuits and this time had brought his own stash of Scotch Fingers.

Golf as the crow flies

Stacy of Pitt Town posted on our Gazette Facebook page last Wednesday: “Driving past Lynwood golf club this morning and a group (murder?) of crows flew in front of my car across the road, one with something bright in its beak....which it then dropped. It was a golf ball which bounced on the road and into the garden of a house across from the club. So if you lost your golf ball today.....the crow took it. And if you found one in your front yard...it wasn't the golfers. And I would love to try explaining THAT dent if it hit my car!!!”

New season apples? 

The other day the bloke in Coles fruit and veg section couldn’t tell me which apples were new season. The last few lots I bought – in autumn – went off within 10 days. GRRRR! Make the trip to Bilpin!

Scam alert

Bilpin’s John Keeble warned of yet another email scam which says ‘you have been selected to go in the draw for a new Toyota’ and to ‘Click Here’ to confirm. Don’t! He says “right click the email and then left click Junk and then left click Block Sender”.