The mystery of a photo found near Mount Isa'a cemetery

Can you help solve the mystery of this photo?

A Mount Isa woman named Joy says she was out walking by the side of the cemetery when she noticed a torn black and white photo of a young boy on a tractor.

The photo was wedged up by a fence at the cemetery, mostly likely blown there by the wind.

The handwriting on the back of the photo.

The handwriting on the back of the photo.

On the back of the photo is handwriting which says “Robert driving tractor”.

Joy said she had no idea who “Robert” was and she sent the photo to the North West Star hoping our readers could help solve the mystery and return the photo to its rightful owners.

“Photos to me are a window to the past,” Joy said.

“I can only hope someone knows young Robert from then or maybe even now.”

She said she hoped the photo found family somewhere.

“And if Robert has crossed over, I’m sure someone would want a glimpse of what he got up to as a young man.”

Email us as if you have any information.