Get the facts you need to know about Hawkesbury history

Find out about who was here before you.
Find out about who was here before you.

HAWKESBURY – you’re standing in it. If you don’t know who trod our streets in the century before you, come to a talk grand in its scope, sweeping from the 18th century to the start of the 20th. 

On Thursday, February 23 at Hawkesbury Museum, Hawkesbury Historical Society’s John Miller will present an overview of our area’s history, starting with the Aboriginal tribes. 

The talk will reveal gems that bring long-past events to life, such as Lieutenant Bowen’s recollections of raids by Blue Mountains Aboriginal tribes on Hawkesbury tribes to kidnap their women, and Watkin Tench and Governor Phillip's account of coming up the Hawkesbury River in 1789 to Richmond Hill as well as the most significant other events of our past.

The talk will be held at Hawkesbury Regional Museum, Baker Street, Windsor at 7.30pm. It’s free and everyone is welcome. Mr Miller suggests having dinner at the Macquarie Arms then walking next door to the museum. Enquiries: 4578 5144.