Churches unite for West Papuan water wells

Many hands: Workers put in place a collar for a new water well.
Many hands: Workers put in place a collar for a new water well.

The banks of the Hawkesbury River at Ebenezer are set to a little jazzed up on Sunday, November 27.

From 3.30pm on the day the Uniting Churches of the Hawkesbury will come together for a musical fundraiser in aid of providing clean water to villages in West Papua.

To be hosted in the grounds of Ebenezer Church, Twilight of Jazz, offers a casual and fun way of helping those in need.

The churches have already financed 10 wells to be built in West Papua so far via fetes, garage sales, cake stalls and fruit and veg sales at various market days.

“The West Papua people are some of the poorest in the world,” said one of the event organisers.

“If you lived in a village in West Papua you would spend much time each day in the collection and carrying of water.

“Many villages have had their clean water sources diverted or polluted due to mining and other issues. Dirty water means unwell adults and sickness and even death to little ones.

“Many coastal villages have an even more difficult problem because their water is salty. When you think about haw many taps you have in your home or how many times a day you turn on that tap, you begin to realise the enormous importance of water.”

As well as live music, the event will include a sausage sizzle.

Tickets cost $15 per person (school students free).

To pre-book call Rebecca on 0439 309 303 or 4575 0065.

Visitors are encouraged to bring along their own chairs and blankets.