The following comments were collected at the Gazette’s Facebook page over the course of the past week.

Legal action slammed

Hills Mayor Michelle Byrne slammed Hawkesbury Council's plan to challenge the state government's amalgamation push, while Hawkesbury Mayor Kim Ford and Leigh Williams stand by the plan.

David Briggs: To the people who say that it's our rates money, yes, it is, but would you think it would be responsible for Council to allow the state government to break it's own laws to force amalgamations without a fight?

Getting the awful councillors out of council is not about getting rid of the council completely, that's throwing the baby out with the bath water. If you want better councillors, stop voting for the Liberals and so called independents who are actually liberals but run as independent to get more seats on Council. 

There were three public meetings, over 140 Hawkesbury residents spoke, all but 2 were against amalgamations, and those two who were for it were Hills employees.

Lack of services? Just wait until we are under the Hills! The Hills have less services than us and they have 3 times the population.

Lynne Kearns: Before you all get too excited about amalgamating, have a little think about our small towns, villages and semi rural surroundings and what they might mean to you.

Then take note of what is happening in the Hills. Not a lot of semi rural left. Development and sub-division as far as the eye can see or your car might drive.

Don't worry, we will have suburbia jam packed from Rouse Hill to the Hawkesbury and probably beyond.

As for our roads, 'country' roads should not be expected to be freeway standard.

George Thomson: Well said Dr Byrne.

Hawkesbury council can’t deliver what we need .remove the dead wood let the Hawkesbury flourish. 

My example 4 months for a DA approval to remove dangerous trees.

Ratepayers want safety. Progress out of a snail trail called Bells Line of Road.

Local jobs for our kids. 

Is council spending our bridge money for our kids future.

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars saving themselves, instead of spending on safety and a future of the ratepayers and a sustainable growing Hawkesbury.

Nikki King: I'll be happy to be in the Hills and have a more progressive council. Bring it on!

Andrew Sadleir: Drove Windsor to Glossy this week. Road in sh**house condition. Maybe spend the money on safer roads and not merely a band aid solution when potholes emerge. A few clrs getting drunk on their own ego here.

Lynda Lea: We don't want amalgamation with The Hills. We don't want people living in suburban Castle Hill telling us semi rural types how to live. Retain our independence.

Donna Arrowsmith: We have a ridiculous level of rates for sweet FA from the council.

Kathleen Hunt-Davis: Oh please, of course she would ... they want Hawkesbury so bad you wouldn't expect her to say anything else.

Caren Ashworth: 22 years of big rates ... Paying for concrete gutters $750, then $3500 for removal of pump out for normal plumbing? A joint council may make a difference. Please get rid of the old, bring in change.

Felicity Joy Burger: The fight needs to happen as they only want to develop our area like Kellyville and Rouse Hill and then put the money they get from extra rates back into the Hills overpopulated areas!

Catherine Toomsalu: Semi rural is the Hawkesbury's lifestyle and we want to retain this charm not the overpopulation as the Hills are. They are right up to the borders ie Boundary Road. No amalgamation.

Lisa Minchenko: I for one am sick of bigger towns getting funding for services supposed to cover the Hawkesbury but very little is invested. We need our own services!