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Lily Tomlin

Lily Tomlin

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Dame Kiri Te Kanawa

Dame Kiri Te Kanawa

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 Interview | Doc Martin’s Martin Clunes: Grumpy doctor island-hops round Oz 

Interview | Comedian Alan Carr: ‘I am what I am, d’ya know what I mean?’

Interview | Bruce Beresford for There’s a Fax from Bruce | Some film stars don’t live in the real world

Interview | Todd McKenney for What a Life! around the clubs | ‘Break my heart . . . please!’

Interview | Debbie Reynolds for Singin’ in the Rain on stage | What a glorious feelin’!

Opinion: Marriage equality | Club walls come tumbling down

Interview | Kerry Armstrong for her new film | Kerry Armstrong makes a Pawno

Interview | Athol Guy for Georgy Girl, the musical | Celebrating The Seekers with a Guy called Athol

Interview | Prada Clutch and Gavin Morris for Prada’s PriscillasLife can be a real drag!

Interview | Sharon Gless on Cagney and Lacey and Queer as Folk'I never played it safe!'

Interview | Lily Tomlin on award-winning Grandma on DVD and Grace and Frankie season 2 | Lily Tomlin gets fiery

Interview | Diana Krall at the Sydney Opera House for Wildflower tour | Diana Krall on the heroes who inspired her new album and going on stage half-zipped!

Interview | Todd McKenney Sings Peter Allen | Peter Allen's life lesson to me: 'Just be yourself' | VIDEOS, PHOTOS

Interview | Director Cameron LukeyHarvey Milk opera at Sydney Town Hall: 'Be who you are!' | VIDEOS, PHOTOS​

Travel | Summer in the South of France | Food, sun, wine are a heady mix in the South of France | VIDEO, PHOTOS

Interview | Eva Longoria for Desperate Housewives and Specsavers | A long way from the desperate housewives of hysteria lane! | VIDEOS, PHOTOS

Interview | Judith Lucy for Ask No Questions of the Moth | 'The good news is last year was truly awful for me!' | VIDEOS, PHOTOS

Interviews | Stephan Elliott + Guy Pearce for Between a Frock & a Hard Place | 'They wouldn't let me make Priscilla today!' | VIDEOS, PHOTOS

Review | Kylie Minogue concert | On a night like this! | VIDEOS, PHOTOS

Review | I'm a Celebrity Australia 2015 episode 23 recap | Barry Hall feasts on cockroaches, ostrich heart | PHOTOS

Review | I'm a Celebrity Australia 2015 episode 14 recap | Mad Merv sticks his head in a box of snakes | PHOTOS

Interview | John Corbett for The Lookalike | Sex and the City wasn't just fluff! | VIDEOS, PHOTOS

Review | I'm a Celebrity Australia 2015 episode 5 recap | Barry Hall gets buried alive with rats! | VIDEO, PHOTOS

Mardi Gras plays | Gaybies | The kids are all right! | PHOTOS

Renée Geyer for Christmas shows at The Basement | ‘I just do it, whether it’s a man’s world or not’ | VIDEO, PHOTOS

Jane Seymour for Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman | When no one believed a woman could win the west | VIDEO, PHOTOS

Sandra Bernhard for Sandyland | 'Being inhibited has never been an issue for me!' | VIDEO, PHOTOS

Director Atom Egoyan for Devil's KnotColin Firth's new film | What did happen in the swamp that night? | VIDEO, PHOTOS

Donna Hay for 'the new easy' | Cooking is the best way to say 'I love you' | RECIPES, VIDEO, PHOTOS

Donna Hay winners of 'the new easy' signed cookbook contest | Here are our readers' kitchen disasters and triumphs | STORIES, PHOTOS

Guy Pearce for Broken Bones | Not another Neighbours star releasing an album?! | VIDEO, PHOTOS

Catherine Keener for War Story | War movie honours reporters at the frontline | VIDEO, PHOTOS

James Cromwell for David Williamson's Rupert | The human face of one of the world's most powerful men

Anthony Callea for Ladies & Gentlemen, the Songs of George Michael | Ladies and Gentlemen, Anthony Callea

Masterplanned Housing Estates Part 3If estates are a turning point, what's next?

Masterplanned Housing Estates Part 2 | Problems solved, problems created VIEW THE SPECIAL VIDEO

Masterplanned Housing Estates Part 1 | The way we live has changed

Alan Ruck for Spin City | Ferris Bueller's mate on the art of Spin

Ricky Martin at Westfield Hurstville | Meeting the Voice

Greta Scacchi for The Last Impresario | 'He's so famous you've never heard of him'

Carlotta for the ABC movie Carlotta | He did it her way

Kiri Te Kanawa for 70th birthday world tour | From Downtown Abbey to our Opera House, Kiri is just one of the dames

Boy George for King of Everything | King George, the Boy grows up

Danny Trejo for Machete Kills | 'I got Gaga her movie role with Gloria and me!'

Review of Privates on Parade | Parading your Privates

Review of Twists and Turns cabaret | Matthew Mitcham drops his dacks

Simon Vowles for Queens of the Outback | A frock and a rock hit town!

Nick Atkins for A Boy & A Bean: Jack, the giant killer

Matthew Mitcham for Twists and Turns cabaret: Matthew – all singing, all talking, all dancing!

Debbie Reynolds for Behind the Candelabra | What a glorious feelin’, I’m workin’ again

Lily Tomlin for Web Therapy | Lily caught in Phoebe's web!

Todd McKenney for Grease | Todd’s got chills, they’re multiplyin’

Matthew Rhys for The Scapegoat | Seeing double – and the Walkers' wine was real!

Casey Donovan for Mama Cass tribute | Casey has found her own idol

Amanda Muggleton for The Book Club | A book club for those who'd rather laugh than read!

Rachel Griffiths for Magazine Wars | We owe a big debt to Ita and Dulcie

Simon Burke for Mrs Warren’s Profession | A timeless take on the oldest profession

Ellen's mum, Betty DeGeneres on marriage equality | Not supporting gay marriage is bullying

Amanda Muggleton for Torch Song Trilogy | Amanda returns to the spotlight

Matthew Mitcham for Twists and Turns book | He couldn't believe it would last – it didn't

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