Marketing advice for finding the ideal customer

Robert Coorey

Robert Coorey

Marketing guru and best selling author of Feed a Starving Crowd, Robert Coorey, formerly from Carlingford, created the Coorey Report to offer tips on business, investing and executive lifestyle. He shares his views on how to make the most of content marketing.

Last week I conducted a survey of my 13,000-member strong community to find out about their biggest business challenge — the results were surprising.

One challenge stood head and shoulders out from the rest.

‘‘I have trouble finding my ideal customer.’’

This challenge was worded differently from different people.

Some were not sure where to advertise. Some always seemed to attract ‘‘tyrekicker’’ enquiries who have no money to spend.

And others were frustrated that not enough people were coming through the door and felt helpless.

Through testing done through Feed a Starving Crowd marketing agency we’ve found the best ways to reach your ideal client, regardless of your advertising budget.

The first places to advertise are Facebook ads, Google ads and Instagram ads.

Facebook and Instagram ads works best when you are attempting to ‘‘create demand’’ for your offering (for example a business training course).

Google ads work well when you have an offering that people search for (for example ‘‘cheap school shoes’’).

If you’re a provider selling expensive services, your method of marketing involves generating an enquiry rather than an immediate sale.

This calls for a different style of marketing where you need to firstly share valuable information that help solve a problem and the potential clients will view you as the expert and often make an enquiry.

This is known as ‘‘content marketing’’.

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