There's no business quite like showgirl business: Introducing Leanne Keevers

STUDENT Leanne Keevers, 21, has a lot of experience to share and plenty of smiles to give as she enters the Hawkesbury Showgirl competition this year. 

The long-term Bligh Park resident, who in her Year 12 class was given the award of ‘most happy’, is thrilled at the opportunity to share her positive outlook and attitude in the upcoming competition of Hawkesbury Showgirl, and is excited to inspire others as a good role model. 

“The idea of teaching and inspiring others excites me,” she said. “My outlook on life is always positive and anyone can tell you I always have a smile on my face.”

The second-year student at Charles Sturt University has high goals, doing a double degree  to become a registered nurse and paramedic. She has already received a three-year service award for her involvement in the Hawkesbury division of St John’s Ambulance.  “My love of people and life is what led me to aspire to join the medical profession,” she said.

“I have been striving to become a paramedic since halfway through high school when I joined St John’s Ambulance and can’t wait to be out on the road helping others.” 

The first aid volunteer, who is on duty at many Hawkesbury weekend events throughout the year such as farm expos, the Hawkesbury Show, sporting and equestrian events, said her favourite thing about the Hawkesbury is the experience offered. 

“Growing up in the Hawkesbury, I’ve been given the opportunity to experience farm life and agriculture only minutes away from my house. I’ve heard of people my age that grew up in the city and have never seen a sheep in real life before; in contrast, farming is something I have experienced and appreciate the work that goes into it.”

Hawkesbury Showgirl Entrant Leanne Keevers

Hawkesbury Showgirl Entrant Leanne Keevers