Thompson squareoff as council moves on signs

HAWKESBURY Council is demanding signs opposing plans to build the new Windsor Bridge through Thompson Square come down, saying they were “unauthorised advertisements”.

The Community Action for Windsor Bridge group were responsible for the erection of the signs, which appear above a number of businesses in Thompson Square.

The move was part of the groups campaign to stop plans for the new Windsor Bridge to cross through Thompson Square.

Council issued the group a Direction to Take Action notification to take down the signs by 3pm yesterday afternoon or face a possible fine.

“Council compliance staff, as part of their regular activity, undertook a review of signage at Thompson Square,” a spokesperson for council said.

“Given the proliferation of unapproved signs and banners that were erected on a number of heritage buildings and fences in Thompson Square, a Heritage Conserv-

ation Area, a direction to remove unauthorised advertising signs and banners was issued to a number of business operators, property owners and occupiers.

“The purpose of this was to ensure that businesses removed their unauthorised advertisements from the Heritage Conservation Area.”

Members of CAWB Pete Reynolds and Dail Miller said they felt the direction by council were “heavy handed” and “bullying”.

“There is a sign up over the Chinese food shop advertising a school concert, are they going to take that down?” Mr Miller said. “These signs aren’t advertising, they are protest signs giving details of our website where people can get the information about our group and the plans for Windsor Bridge.”

Mr Reynolds said he felt the call by council to remove the signs was “ironic”, seeing as though the group’s fight was to protect the heritage of Thompson Square.