Student leaders: North Rocks Public School

This week’s student leaders are from North Rocks Public School. Their motto is Truth and Knowledge is our Quest.

Read their Q&A: 

1. What is unique about your school?

Paige Gardiner: It is a multicultural school.

Megan Swain: Every year our school welcomes a new year 5 class because our school has year 5 and 6 opportunity classes. We have a very supportive community and the school has the special education classes for children with additional needs.

Carl Zhang: I have been attending North Rocks for only two years. Comparing North Rocks to my old school, I would say the students here are much more friendly and very easy to talk to. Every student participates in events and volunteer for jobs.

Nathan Mengell: Our students and our school uniform is unique.

2. What do you want to do when you leave school?

Paige Gardiner: When I leave school I want to a professional Sydney Swifts netball player.

Megan Swain: I want to dance. My sister and I are going to be co-owners of our dance school.

Carl Zhang: Either becoming an IT specialist/programmer since I enjoy working with computers, or play rugby league. I enjoy having fun indoors and out.

Nathan Mengell: When I leave school I would like to have a job where I don't do much but I get paid a lot.

3. Why do you think becoming a school leader is important?

Paige Gardiner: Because we have to lead by example of respect, responsibility, honestly and safety.

Megan Swain: It is good for students to have a good peer role model. It is also good for teachers  to be able to get information and ideas from a responsible student.

Carl Zhang: Students need a role model that is around their age group. Students need to follow the good examples of what the school captain does. Also it benefits the captain because the role gives them a leadership opportunity.

Nathan Mengell: Kids need a role model to help them.

4. If you were the principal what would you introduce?

Paige Gardiner: I would introduce a huge sports stadium that you could use at any time at all.

Megan Swain: I would re-introduce the 10c breadstick in the canteen because it's one of the things that the students really want.

Carl Zhang: I would love to giove each student from year 3-6 a tablet. Also a sports store where students can borrow the sports equipment during recess and lunch.

Nathan Mengell: I would introduce man-sized hamster balls for everyone to roll around in.

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