Stop 'sugar bandit'

The Australian Dental Association wants all parents and children to ask each other for this year's for Dental Health Week from August 4-10: "Who is the Sugar Bandit in our family?" Chair of the Oral Health Committee, Dr Peter Alldritt said it was common for parents and extended family to offer babies and children a treat to reward good behaviour or in response to children's pester power. "Using food to reward, bribe or to comfort children sends an inappropriate message about food from an early age and undermines other efforts to build healthy eating habits," Dr Alldritt said. "Children who consume high sugary foods and drinks on a regular basis are at greater risk of dental decay as well as obesity and diabetes."

Education Week

Last week marked the 60th anniversary of Education Week.

Riverstone MP Kevin Conolly said it was an important time to recognise the valuable contribution of local public schools.

"Education Week is the time for us all to celebrate the achievements of public schools, their students, staff and school communities," Mr Conolly said.

"In 1954, the theme for Education Week was 'lighting the way to a better world'. So much has changed since then, but our local public schools remain committed to that philosophy.

"Let's use this week as an opportunity to take a closer look at the valuable contribution schools make to our young people and community, and to celebrate and praise their work."