Castle Hill RSL to host state body building championships

Show us your muscles: the fittest and strongest people in NSW will attend the Natural Bodybuilding Championships at Castle Hill RSL

Show us your muscles: the fittest and strongest people in NSW will attend the Natural Bodybuilding Championships at Castle Hill RSL

Bronzed bods from around NSW will descend on Castle Hill RSL when the Natural Bodybuilding Championships arrive on August 31.

The competition pits bodybuilders against one another in a rigorously tested event to ensure an even playing field.

Event organiser Deanne Murphy said the event is about fitness goals and inspiring others.

‘‘Competing in natural bodybuilding and fitness shows gives people the chance to set and achieve fitness goals that are life changing and inspirational to others,’’ she said.

‘‘It gives the NSW and Sydney community the chance to compete against other natural athletes in a fair, drug free platform.’’

Richard Booth, 32, who grew up in Castle Hill and now lives in Manly, will compete for the first time after being around fitness for a long time.

‘‘This is a new avenue — completely different to my previous experiences even though I’ve been around fitness and boxing since I was young,’’ Booth said.

‘‘It’s a challenge to grow muscle naturally and then step on the stage bringing your best condition that you can.

‘‘I believe you should always be challenging yourself. You grow when you step outside your comfort zone.’’

Booth, who manages a Nutrition Warehouse store in Brookvale, selected natural bodybuilding because he believed it was the healthiest way to test himself in competition.

‘‘I’ve chosen natural bodybuilding because all competitors are tested. I’m a natural athlete so I believe this is the best level playing ground for me,’’ Booth said.

Although a bodybuilding competition requires dedication to training, Booth said food control has been the biggest focus for him in preparation.

‘‘I follow a dieting principle called flexible dieting (also known as IIFYM) which means having a wide variety of foods to meet nutritional requirements; fitting in chocolate and ice cream as well,’’ he said.

‘‘The main thing is to count your calories and utilise your food properly so you get adequate nutrients and fibre to meet health requirements but stay in a calorie deficit.’’

That doesn’t mean competitors aren’t training the house down.

Booth has a structured regimen he sticks to in the gym to get into the best shape possible.

‘‘Monday and Tuesday I focus on a higher repetition range, also known as hypertrophy. That means I select a weight I can push out eight to 12 times. ‘‘Later in the week I use a weight I can get out four — but no more than six — times, a heavier weight. My workouts are usually forty-five minutes to an hour and currently I am doing one hour and 30 minutes of cardio per week and one interval session which is about twelve minutes long,’’ he said.

When asked about how inspiring others fit as a goal of bodybuilding competitions, Booth said: “I believe there are no shortcuts in life. If you want results you need to do the work. With bodybuilding… the work put in determines the results you get. I hope it inspires people to work in that mindset; to work for what they want and achieve it.”

The event is organised by the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation and these championships are the stepping stone to the Asia Pacific Championships held in Adelaide, SA and the world titles in Boston, US.

Details: Castle Hill RSL on August 31, 0406965885.

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