Bone Chiller is coming to Richmond

If you are in the mood for some mid-winter, humour-laced intrigue, then Bone Chiller is just the tonic!

The play, directed by Tracy Stedman  of Grose Vale, revolves around the exposition of the will of one Josiah Travers (RIP) at his luxurious home. 

Just as Josie was no ordinary man, this is no ordinary will. 

It is presented in the form of a puzzle - a rebus to be precise. Those who have been invited to the ‘‘reading’’ are tasked with unravelling the complexities of this last will and testament so as to determine who will benefit from the largesse of Mr Travers.

As it turns out, the subject died in circumstances best described as unnatural. 

As the play unfolds, the assembled guests seek to determine the perpetrator of Josiah's murder. Incredible revelations ensue. 

Packed with surprises and no small amount of levity, this play is sure to delight audiences. 

A seasoned cast of Richmond Players' finest perform Monk Ferris' Bone Chiller with all the spoofy alacrity patrons have come to expect from this company.

Richmond Players' production of Bone Chiller opens on Saturday, August 9 at the Richmond School of Arts at 7.30pm. Further performances on Saturday 16 and 23 at 2pm and 7.30pm.

Tickets: $20/$15 concession at

Trish Currie of North Richmond plays Theodosia Travers, the gracious hostess of the Travers mansion and stepmother to Connie and Kissy. Trish was thrilled to be offered this part as she is a puzzle freak just like Josiah, but as rehearsals have progressed she has gradually come to the conclusion that Theodosia is actually not very bright.

‘‘This, of course, makes it even more challenging to play but much more fun!’’

Jared Turner of Schofields plays Dan Denton, a detective called to the home as part of the will.

Jared said of his part in the play: ‘‘With Dan Denton, he doesn't know why he was called in as part of the will. He's never met Mr Tavers and can not understand why he is there but when a body turns up he knows what he has to do’’.

This is Jared's 10th year with Richmond Players.

Jared said doing a spoof play is always a lot of fun, but also a challenge. 

‘‘I'm just as nervous on opening night now as I was ten years ago, but all that disappears once you step on stage and into character,’’.

Heloise Tolar of Pitt Town plays Connie Travers - the rich great-niece of Josiah Travers.

This is her second spoof with Richmond and Heloise said she is looking forward to it.

‘‘Spoofs can really put you out of your comfort zone, but also allow you to push yourself as an actor and have a lot of fun,’’ Heloise said.

Connie turns up with her new fiancé on her arms.

“There are some suspicious members of the family who - worried about their own inheritance - think he could be after her money,’’ she said. ‘‘But at the same time, they need him to decode the puzzle.’’

Tracy Stedman of Grose Vale is directing her fifth show - as well as playing Lucretia the cook.

‘‘I love directing and love the Richmond Players' community,’’ she said. 

‘‘As always I feel incredibly honoured to work with such a talented and fun cast, most of whom are repeat 'offenders' and are as mad as are the audience who have enjoyed the silliness of spoof in past productions!

‘‘This production ticks the fun boxes: romance, thriller, fantasy, comedy and good old whodunit. Come and solve the puzzle and guess who did it!’’

Martin Crew of North Richmond has returned to the Richmond Players stage after...well no break at all really, having recently played Juror 8 in their production of "Twelve Angry Men". He plays Jerry Delvin, a puzzle constructor and fiancé to Connie Travers.

‘‘It's difficult to understand intricately how Jerry fits into the grand scheme of chaos that Bone Chiller presents,’’ Martin said. 

‘‘At times he appears entirely level-headed and intelligent; playing the straight-man to his best friend Buzzy. 

‘‘Yet at other times he is every bit as unhinged as the rest of the characters that have turned up in the Travers household.

‘‘At least we know he loves his fiancé...don't we?’’

Martin is looking forward to again performing with the Players and is welcoming the challenge that a spoof provides.

Phil Donney of Castlereagh plays the fun filled cad pediatrician Buzzy Burdett.

This is his return to Richmond’s stage after spending time directing.

He said he is looking forward to returning to the stage after such a long break.

‘‘Getting on the stage is a buzz... lights come up, audience is staring at you expectantly, and then the roller coaster ride begins....’’ Phil said.

Buzzy turns up at the Travers residence with his best mate Jerry, a puzzle constructor who was friends with the late Josiah Travers, for the reading of the will.

‘‘Suspicions are drawn with the attendance of Buzzy, as he has no link with the Travers family, but has been summoned to the reading by the late Mr Travers.’’

Christina Wright of Windsor  plays Eloise Ainsley – the sister of Theodosia Travers, and niece-by-marriage to Josiah Travers.

New to acting and to the Richmond Players, this is her first play and while looking forward to it, is nervous.

“Eloise is arrogant and thinks the family belongs to her,’’ Christina said.

‘‘Secretly I think she is jealous that her sister got the rich husband – and is angry that her great-niece is marrying a commoner, without Eloise’s knowledge, let alone approval!’’

Eloise believes that her share of the inheritance is in danger from the non-family members invited to the reading of the will.

‘‘Johnny Walker appears to be her only friend and supporter,’’ Christina said.


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