Windsor police hand over advice

Shoppers have been warned they risk being stranded at the checkout when signatures for debit and credit cards are replaced by PIN numbers from Friday, August 1.

Detective Inspector Paul McHugh said the PIN replacement  aimed  to make  it harder for people to use a stolen card by having to use a  number rather than  a signature.

‘‘Some simple tips to guard against fraud  [are] to ensure you keep your credit cards secure at all times, never give your credit card or PIN number to anyone, regularly check your credit card transactions for any irregular activity or transactions, and report any suspicious activity to your credit card provider as a matter of urgency,’’ he said. 

On the Gazette’s Facebook page Eve Ambrose called it a ‘‘great move’’.

‘‘I worked in retail and the amount of cashiers that DO NOT even check the signature on the card or look to see if they match, and if they do and it is not the same, a lot do not have the confidence to question the person.’’

However Justin Gardner said that paywave was more of a problem than signatures.

‘‘What difference does it make, when a stolen or lost card can be ‘pay-waved’ for anything under $100. No sign OR pin!’’

If you think someone has accessed your account contact your bank and Windsor police  immediately.


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