Carbon tax repeal 'great news for Hawkesbury families' - MP

The carbon tax was abolished after a vote in the Senate (39-32)  on July 17, which included the support of the Palmer United Party.

‘‘The carbon tax repeal is great news for Hawkesbury families and small business,’’ Macquarie MP Louise Markus said. 

‘‘Scrapping it will save the average household around $550 a year, including around $200 on the average household electricity bill and around $70 on the average gas bill.’’

Mrs Markus said she’d listened to many local residents who said the tax had imposed a burden on their small businesses and family. 

“The carbon tax is a $9 billion a year hit on the economy. It hurts small businesses and costs jobs,’’ she said. 

Labor spokeswoman for Macquarie Susan Templeman disagreed, saying the Abbott government was determined to hurt future generations by refusing to tackle climate change.

‘‘I think you need to ask Hawkesbury businesses how much costs will really come down as a result of their slightly lower power bills, or how many extra people they will now be able to employ,’’ she said.

‘‘If Louise Markus and Tony Abbott are right, every small business should be showing reduced prices for their goods and services and taking on staff.

‘‘And realistically, even if prices do come down, the Abbott government is going to hit people with an extra $7 for every visit to the doctor, for every blood test, for every medication.’’

Ms Templeman said Labor had secured the support of the Senate crossbench to prevent the Abbott government from dumping the Renewable Energy Target, without which the renewable energy industry in Australia would collapse.