Gazette express: Wednesday July 2

Weather: It is currently a chilly -0.1 degrees in Richmond (7am) with the temperature expected to rise to 18 degrees by this afternoon.

There currently is a thick blanket on fog covering the Richmond area this morning but the rest of the day is predicted to be mostly sunny.

Roads: At 7am this morning, there was a two car accident at Marsden Park, Richmond Road and Garfield Road. The accident has resulted to heavy traffic conditions in both directions. Motorists can expect delays. 

A truck has broken down at Colyton, Roper Road at the M4. One of the two northbound lanes are closed causing heavy traffic in this area. 

Trains: The western line leaving from Richmond is currently operating on time with the timetables. 

Let us know where you are and what the traffic and weather is like.

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