Gazette express: Tuesday June 24

Weather: It is currently 10.4 degrees in Richmond with the temperature expected to rise to 15 degrees by this afternoon.

A Weatherzone spokesperson has confirmed with the Gazette that the Hawkesbury region will be affected by the severe wind conditions today. 

The spokesperson said Richmond and the surrounding areas will receive wind gusts up to 100km tomorrow morning, lasting most of the day. 

"These winds are likely to cause trees to fall and damage to homes," he said.

Though the sun will be shining, the temperature will remain at a cool 15 degrees.

Roads: At 7am this morning, there were no traffic incidents on the roads around the Hawkesbury.

A burst water main located on Richmond Road, Kent Street Blacktown has closed one of two eastbound lanes. Traffic is currently heavy in this area (7am). 

There is a truck and car accident at Thorleigh, Pennant Hills Road at Duffy Avenue. One of three northbound lanes are closed. 

Trains: The western line leaving from Richmond is currently operating on time with the timetables. 

Let us know where you are and what the traffic and weather is like.