Student leaders: Cumberland High School

This week’s student leaders are from Cumberland High School, whose motto is Finis Coronat Opus (The End Crowns the Work). Read their Q&A: 

1. What is unique about your school?

Michael Hoyle, C: The numerous leadership opportunities that our school offer, unique to our wonderful school. Digital citizenship SRC, music leaders and sports captains are just a few examples. The music program specifically is definitely one of my favorite extra curricula activities and is a huge part of my school life. 

Tomas Wee, VC: I think that Cumberland cultivates a very open atmosphere and attitude, one that allows students and teachers to feel more at ease with each other and making schooling seem less rigid and formal than it has to be. It crates an opportunity for students and teachers to get to know each other a little better and build up a good rapport which I think is quiet important 

Amanda Chiam, VC: Our school enrolls a large amount of international students which adds to the cultural variety of the school. Also, we have a long-running traditional inter-school sporting competition with Wauchope High School, which not many schools do anymore. Cumberland also has extensive music programs and ensembles which are showcased in our performance evening. 

Emily Chate, C: Cumberland is a small school compared to others in the region which encourages independence while at the same time having a close school community. Cumberland offers so many opportunities in terms of extra curricula activities for a diversity of students. Students can be involved in music ensembles, sporting teams, drama club, mock trial and debating. A majority of the staff here are supportive of these activities and don't discourage them in favor of continuous academic study. 

2. What do you want to do when you leave school?

Michael Hoyle, C: As much as I'd love to keep my options open, I'd love to pursue law as well as music.

Tomas Wee, VC: With any luck, university but in the long run I would like to go into a psychological or phychology-related field, possibly sociology. 

Amanda Chiam, VC: After finishing high school, I want to take care of my family and get a job that I truly love doing. However, I am still undecided on what field of work I would like to do so I'm hoping to enter university and do a combined degree (commerce and science).

Emily Chate, C: I am seriously considering becoming a music teacher but I am still undecided on exactly what I want to do. I have a passion for writing so hopefully I can get a few books published down the line.

3. Why do you think being a school leader is important?

Michael Hoyle, C: Being a good role model to our peers is a paramount role to being a leader; setting the example is definitely important 

Tomas Wee, VC: It gives those chosen the opportunity to use their experience to positively benefit the school and community by sharing ideas, making positive changes and being a good role model. Being a school leader also means being open and friendly to everyone which in itself is an important skill. On a personal level I feel it teaches you responsibility and pride in giving someone something to strive towards as an example. That's probably the most important part of being a school leader

Amanda Chiam, VC: We play a crucial role as role models for the students at Cumberland High School. This role is vital as it helps path an example for future school leaders to follow or reflect upon. Being a school leaders is important most of all, to give back to the community and to create a difference within the school

Emily Chate, C: It is important to be a leader and role model for the younger year groups. I aim to be someone that younger students can look up to like previous captains here for me when I was in the junior years. It is important to make everyone feel included and part of something. Being a school captain doesn't mean doing all the jobs and running perfect events solo. It is important to make sure everyone has a job is involved equally. 

4. If you were the principal what would you introduce? 

Michael Hoyle, C: A specific area for seniors to study.

Tomas Wee, VC:  Well I think the more appropriate question is what wouldn't I introduce?

Amanda Chiam, VC: Adding senior lockers. Allowing year 12 to borrow a classroom for recesses and lunch times for them to study and allow female students to choose between wearing a skirt or shorts (this is allowed in other states!).

Emily Chate, C: I think this school definitely needs a rock climbing wall.

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