Gardens of colour

BRINGING love and passion for art into the Hawkesbury, Mellissa Read-Devine has some of the most outstanding masterpieces touring the country. 

Purple Noon, located in Freemans Reach, welcomes Mellissa’s art of flowers and gardens to their showroom this June. 

Staff from Purple Noon have said Mellissa’s work (example below) speaks a language of its own with its unique style making it recognisable across the nation.

‘‘Her work is reminiscent of the era of the pointillists and the great impressionists,’’ the gallery’s curator and owner Robyn Williams said.

‘‘Enamoured of colour and light, Mellissa’s Open Garden series represents a pronounced love of analysing and interpreting the light in the Australian landscape.

‘‘The paintings are filled with happiness and beauty.

‘‘Mellissa’s art hijacks your sensory impulses with an abundance of pixilated colour, dotting and dashing across the canvas in a delightful dance connecting art and nature and happiness.’’

The showcase will be open to the public from June 7 until June 22, 10am-5pm, Monday to Friday (except Tuesdays) and 11am-4pm Saturday and Sunday.

A special event for the official opening will start at 6pm on June 7. 

Purple Noon is at 606 Terrace Road, Freemans Reach (45796579).