Changed traffic directions

CHANGED traffic conditions will be in place tomorrow (Saturday) as motorists are moved onto completed southbound lanes of Richmond Road between Bells Creek and Townson Road at Marsden Park.

They will affect Richmond Road at Marsden Park from 8pm tonight until 5am on Saturday 24 May when traffic will be moved onto the completed southbound lanes, according to an RMS spokesperson.

Motorists travelling westbound on Townson Road will be moved from the eastbound lanes onto the westbound lanes. Road users travelling eastbound will remain on the eastbound lanes.

Right turn access for properties on Richmond Road will be removed from Saturday to prepare motorists for when four lanes open to traffic in August, weather permitting.

Work to build the new southbound lanes is complete between Bells Creek and Townson Road at Marsden Park and work will now start on the northbound lanes.

Details:, or call 132 701.