GALLERY: Pacific Hills turns 35

Pacific Hills Christian School has grown from eight to 1198 students since its inception, but a focus on community has remained.

The Dural school celebrated its 35th anniversary last Wednesday with students, teachers and family members past and present at a luncheon and special assembly.

School captain Tom Dearden delivered a speech on the school’s history and values.

He said if the 5920 students who had passed through the school’s gates made a line, they would reach from the school site to Castle Towers with 2 kilometres to spare.

‘‘While our school has grown, the vision has remained the same,’’ he said.

‘‘I would like to say thank you to all of the people who have worked hard to grow and nurture this school.’’

Principal Edwin Boyce said  the school’s academic performance, sporting and other activities were complemented by service visits to soup kitchens, nursing homes and remote outback communities.

‘‘I say I’m not proud but thankful for the wonderful students who are whole-hearted in their service and, because of that, whole-hearted in their studies,’’ Dr Boyce said.

‘‘It’s in giving that we receive.’’

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