Connect Badgerys Creek to North West Rail Link, says Hills mayor

The Hills mayor Michelle Byrne has renewed calls for the North West Rail Link to extend all the way to Sydney's second airport.

“From a Hills point of view, I believe an extension of the North West Rail Link to Badgerys Creek is needed," Cr Byrne said.

Today's comment follow federal cabinet’s decision this afternoon to give the green light to an airport at Badgerys Creek.

“[Prime Minister] Tony Abbott has said that this will be an infrastructure package for western Sydney that includes an airport and we look forward to his announcements over coming days," Cr Byrne said.

“An airport at Badgerys Creek will be an economic boon for western Sydney and with the airport comes a fantastic opportunity to upgrade existing infrastructure and build new transport links.

“I welcome the Prime Minister’s comments that it will be a case of building roads first and the airport second, but I certainly believe that rail should be a big factor in that equation.

“I also think that the M7 now needs to be widened to its full three-lane capacity – there’s no question about that.”

Mayor Byrne said all levels of government need to come together to work out how to deliver the airport and surrounding infrastructure.

“The Hills Council supports this project and we look forward to putting our case for infrastructure forward to state and federal members,” she said.