Student leaders: Marian College

This week we chat with the school leaders at Marian College, Kenthurst. The school's motto is: "Walk with Christ."

Meet your student leaders: Anthony Lovett and Anastasia Boulus.

Meet your student leaders: Anthony Lovett and Anastasia Boulus.

Anastasia Boulus.

Anastasia Boulus.

Anthony Lovett.

Anthony Lovett.

1. What is unique about you school? 

Anastasia Boulus, C: We are very well-rounded.

The school provides us with ample opportunities in sport, creative arts and academic endeavors.

We actually excel in those areas within the Parramatta diocese.

Anthony Lovett, C: We are very good with sportsmanship.

Not only with sports but we have a good attitude across the board.

I'm quite proud that we have a friendly attitude.

2. What do you want to do when you leave school? 

Anastasia Boulus, C: Im interested in doing a double degree.

A bachelor of commerce majoring in marketing and a bachelor of psychological science, or a bachelor of art majoring in psychology; so essentially marketing and psychology.

Anthony Lovett, C: At the moment it's a complete question mark.

My ideas at the moment are teaching, working in film, or journalism

3. Why do you think being a school leader is important?

Anastasia Boulus, C: Lots of different reasons.

You're able to give back to your community, you can make a difference by using your enthusiasm and passion, and we can use our position to influence others for positive benefits.

Anthony Lovett, C: To give you confidence in yourself.

It gives you a lot of room to develop skills that you will use later on in life.

4. If you were the principal what would you introduce?

Anastasia Boulus, C: New furniture in the senior common room and a pool!

Anthony Lovett, C: More mufti days; they are a lot of fun.

Have themed days to raise money for charities and organisations.

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