Ellison's comeback

A break from competing was just the tonic gymnast Taylor Ellison needed to help her rediscover her best form after completing a stunning return to competition last week.

The 17-year-old took out two categories at the State Championships in the individual trampoline and double mini trampoline while finishing second in the synchronised trampoline in what was her first time competing in a senior division.

“I wasn’t expecting anything,” Ellison said.

But it almost didn’t happen after the Windsor Downs resident took a break from the sport, not knowing if she’d ever return.

“I hadn’t competed since the Youth Olympics 18 months ago and I stopped jumping because I didn’t know if I wanted to do it any more,” Ellison said.

“I watched nationals and it sparked it again and I knew I wanted to keep jumping. It’s taken me about eight months to get back to where I am now.”

The state title wins have certainly put gymnastics back in the forefront of her mind, but Ellison said the break was a blessing in disguise, and now she’s eyeing off the national titles in Melbourne next month. 

“I went into the competition with a good head space hoping to put my name back out there again and I did more than I expected,” Ellison said. “It helped me recover from all my injuries and I was fresh when I got back on the trampoline so the time off helped me a lot.”

Ellison has also been named Sportsperson of the Year by Gymnastics NSW in both the junior and age categories on several occasions.