Bowen Mountain's emergency route costs $80,000

SHORT term work costing $80,000 to improve emergency route evacuation at Bowen Mountain is being put into council’s next operational plan.

Last year, Councillor Leigh Williams called for a report, concerned for residents who had faced the possible threat of bushfire with limited access in and out of the area.

Cr Williams thanked the staff for the report and the Bowen Mountain Association for bringing it to his attention.

‘‘I think it’s a great move. The community at Bowen Mountain is vulnerable with one road in and one road out,’’ he said.

‘‘We have to do whatever we can to make that community as safe as possible.’’

Cr Christine Paine said it’s good Council found the money for it as residents are constantly nervous during fire season, especially with one ‘‘often dodgy’’ escape route in and out.

Cr Mike Creed said he looked forward to this being implemented ASAP.

The motion was carried on unanimous support.

The works include a survey, road widening, tree and vegetation clearing on Bowen Mountain Road (between Lt Bowen Dr and Carters Rd), utility adjustments, earthworks and retaining walls.

Absent from vote: Deputy Mayor Tiffany Tree and Cr Barry Calvert.