Memorial service for little Bridget

A MEMORIAL service will be held tomorrow night (Friday) in memory of Bridget Wright, 8, after she was tragically killed by a falling tree branch last week.

Members of the public are invited to attend the service which will feature a demonstration from Bridget’s Taekwondo School at Pitt Town Sports Club from 5pm until 7.30pm.

In an interview with 2GB yesterday, Bridget’s father James encouraged those who can’t make it to have the family in their thoughts during this time.

“It will be a celebration of her life," Mr Wright said.

"There are a lot of people I can’t get in contact with that know Bridget from all over the state.

“We’ve been all over the state competing in Taekwondo tournaments with her. She’s touched a lot of people. All of those clubs, all of those people she’s competed against, if they’re hurting, if they’re feeling, if they need to release some anger come to the club on Friday night.”

Mr Wright also took time to thank the Pitt Town community for all its support and to express his gratitude for the teachers and emergency crews who were there attending to Bridget.

“There are so many people that this young girl has touched ... right down to those on the actual day,” Mr Wright said.

“The teachers, they did a wonderful job. I don’t know how they stayed so calm with what they could see and what was going on.

“From the ambulance crews and the medical staff, every one did their job absolutely fantastically and were just where they needed to be when they needed to be there for Bridget. All of the police who were there held themselves and their nerves perfectly together. They put their lives at risk to make sure we were with Bridget in her final moments,” Mr Wright said.

“When something like this happens, you ask yourself, 'why?'. 

"I do so much stuff for other people, I help as much as I can. Unfortunately, my little girl had my gift of giving. We never asked for anything and we only ever tried to help people and give as much as we could so when something like this happens you think nobody’s helping you, nobody’s watching. 

"But then when you see the hundreds of people that have come to my house, the hundreds of letters we’re getting and all of the flowers ... that’s why I know that no matter what happens, because we’ve helped so many people, that will come back to us. 

"I will continue to do what I do and she will continue to do what she does from where she is."