Minister for Heritage supports Thompson Square

JUMPING onboard the plight to save Windsor Bridge, Minister for Heritage Mark Butler has thrown his support behind the Hawkesbury community’s fight to get Thompson Square heritage listed.

Mr Butler’s support comes off the back of Labor candidate for Macquarie Susan Templeman’s push for heritage listing.

“Susan has been beating a path to my door on this one and no-one is a stronger advocate for their community than her,” Mr Butler said. “A re-elected Rudd Labor Government will seriously consider an application for Heritage Listing of Thompson Square.”

Ms Templeman broke the news to residents who were present at Thompson Square last Saturday evening.

“I’m extremely pleased that the Minister appreciates the uniqueness of Thompson Square and has taken the community’s concerns on board so we can finally get it recognised nationally,” she said. “We know it’s a piece of Australian colonial history that should be retained, and having the support of the Heritage Minister is a significant achievement.

“I congratulate the residents of the Hawkesbury for their commitment to this issue and hope that we can work together to make it a reality.”

A response from the state government, regarding $500,000 pledged by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, to undertake an independent study to protect Thompson Square, is yet to be received.

Minister for Heritage Mark Butler

Minister for Heritage Mark Butler