Doonside detonator theft

SIX boys stole some rail detonators from a train at Doonside station last night.

Blacktown police said they took the detonators after breaking into a security guard compartment of the train between 6.30pm and 7pm.

Police are concerned as a teenager lost one of his hands in a blast while playing with a stolen detonator in Blacktown late last year.

A police spokeswoman said detonators are explosives and should not be handled.

‘‘If you find any, please leave them where they are and call police to collect them,’’ she said.

The six youths were last seen running along School Parade, Doonside.

The first is described as of Pacific Islander appearance with black mullet-style hair and wearing a black baseball cap, black long sleeve T-shirt, white socks, dark sneakers, an islander style necklace and carrying a black bag.

The second is of Aboriginal or Pacific Islander appearance, wearing a white and black baseball cap, red hooded jacket with black stripes, blue jeans, white sneakers and sunglasses.

The third is of Caucasian appearance, tall, thin build and wearing a blue bucket hat, black hooded jacket with grey on the back, yellow trousers, white sneakers and black bag.

The fourth is of Caucasian appearance with a tribal tattoo on his upper right arm, wearing a green baseball cap, yellow sunglasses, white sleeveless T-shirt, light coloured trousers, black sneakers and carrying a small blue backpack.

The fifth youth is described as of Caucasian appearance with a thin build, brown mullet-style hair and wearing a bluish green baseball cap, black singlet, black shorts  and white sneakers.

The sixth is of Caucasian appearance with a thin build, 180cm tall, short brown hair, wearing a black hood with “Nautica” written on it, yellow shorts, white and black sneakers.

If you have any information contact Blacktown police, 9671 9199 or Crime Stoppers, 1800 333 000.

In other police news:

Aggravated robbery

FOUR men assaulted and robbed a 26-year-old man in Blacktown on Sunday.

Police said he was walking along Flushcombe Road, near Marion Street, when approached by the four at 6.15am.

One asked the man for the time and, as he was looking at his watch, the others pushed him into the middle of the road.

One of them punched the victim in the face while another snatched his bag and iPod.

The four were last seen running south along Flushcombe Road.

The first offender is described as of Pacific Islander appearance and 170cm tall while the second was described as of Caucasian appearance and 180cm tall. No description was given of the other two.

Cigarettes taken

A MAN, 19, was punched and robbed of a small amount of cash and cigarettes by two men in Blacktown last Monday.

Police said the Lalor Park man was walking along City Walk, off Main Street, when he was approached by an unknown man who picked a quarrel with him at 9.30am.

Another man came from behind and punched him in  the side of his face.

After he was knocked down they took his money and cigarettes.

Public arrest

RESIDENTS helped police to arrest a man who broke into a house in Blacktown last Thursday. 

Police said the incident happened after a house at Dansdale Street was broken into by a 41-year-old woman at 1.30pm.

She saw a man walking out from her side gate and, when questioned, the man said he was looking for his dog.

The woman didn’t believe him and ran inside to find the back door open and her home ransacked.

She ran outside and called her uncle who lived nearby and they followed the man.

They then called out to people in the street to stop the man.

Six  neighbours tried to stop the man and one of them was stabbed in the arm before the police arrived and arrested him.

The man, 35, was charged with  having housebreaking implements, stolen goods, burglary, wounding a person and resisting arrest.

He will appear before the Blacktown Local Court on April 26.

Fled with phone

POLICE are looking for three boys who fled with 10 mobile phones after breaking into a Seven Hills shopping centre last Friday.

They got into the centre through a fire exit door at 4am to steal the phones from a phone kiosk.

A security guard chased after them but could not catch them.

The three are described as of Aboriginal appearance and aged between 15 and 17.

Bag snatched

A GREYSTANES man, 18, lost his bag to a man who knocked him to the ground at Seven Hills train station last Wednesday.

Police said he was waiting for his train when the incident happened at 4am.

 The victim chased after the offender but couldn’t catch him.

 The offender is described as in his 20s, skinny build and 180cm tall, with a blonde rat’s tail. He was wearing a grey hoodie and blue tracksuit pants with white stripes and white joggers.

Woman punched

A BOY punched  a 50-year-old woman in the face at a Lalor Park bus stop last Wednesday.

Police said the incident happened at a bus stop on Freeman Street at 12.10pm.

 The boy is described as about 13 years old, chubby build and Aboriginal in appearance.

Robbed on train

A MAN stole a 31-year-old Haymarket woman’s phone while travelling on a train from Blacktown to Seven Hills last Friday. 

Police said the woman was talking on her mobile phone when he grabbed it on arrival at Seven Hills station at 1.30pm.

The woman chased after the man but lost him when he entered the station’s multi-storey car park.

The offender is described as possibly of Indian appearance, about 20, with a rat’s tail and wearing a white T-shirt and dark trackpants. 

Vehicle fire

A TOW truck was set on fire in Lucas Street, Blacktown on Sunday.

Police said there has been about 30 vehicle fires in the last three months.

This latest incident occurred between 3.40am and 4am on March 3.

Crime activities in Blacktown

Crime activities in Blacktown

If you have any information contact Blacktown Police, 9671 9199 or Crime Stoppers, 1800 333 000.


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