UWS's bid for new students

HSC graduates across the state have received their university offers, with the University of Western Sydney running an extensive campaign to attract potential students.

Professor Kerri-Lee Krause, interim deputy vice-chancellor, who said the university has advertised heavily, encouraged early enrolment and held Course Decision Days, is optimistic that these strategies are reaching students.

She said that UWS caters for students in western Sydney because of its location and its support programs.

"We've got the evidence to say it's increasingly the university of first choice for students in Greater Western Sydney . . . people give us feedback verbally and by voting with their feet in choosing UWS," she said.

"We don't pretend to be an Ivy League university but we are a university of the people; we combine the opportunity for people to go to university with excellence."

St Clair's Ally Borg accepted an early round offer for a business degree after she attended an information session at her high school and went to university open days.

Ms Borg said that while UWS has a lot to offer, students have to create their own successes and be self-motivated.

Current UWS student Mostafa Rachwani, who is studying media and law, said HSC graduates should consider the fields they want to study then find which university excels in that area.

He said that although he has had a positive educational experience and attended excellent lecturers, the university could improve its services such as parking and food on campus.

Mr Rachwani said the university should put more money into courses rather than providing iPads.

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