Perspective: A backward step

I don’t watch Channel Seven’s  Sunrise but David Koch’s comments about women breastfeeding in public caused an uproar on Facebook and online.

While I believe Kochie’s comments were well intentioned, by simply saying that mothers should be ‘‘discreet’’ while breastfeeding in public, it means they have something to be embarrassed about.

It’s hard to believe that in modern society, breastfeeding in public and breastfeeding in general still causes such judgment and debate.

Breastfeeding is the best thing you can provide for your baby. It’s a known fact.

I am proud I was able to do it successfully for a year. But not everyone can, and that’s not a failure as a mother either.

I also did it in public — I didn’t want to leave my friends or family to have to sit in a smelly parent’s room for an hour.

I covered up, but more for my own embarrassment that I might slip up, not because I was worried about offending others.

I hear stories from mothers who covered up that have been abused, asked to leave the public place they’re in, and made to feel uncomfortable — purely for breastfeeding their child.

But I can also see why people get uncomfortable if people sat there topless trying to organise themselves.

Let us stop making it an issue — we all need to respect eachother’s choices. 

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