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About Reddam House
Reddam House is a unique, co-educational, non-denominational school for toddlers through to Year 12, founded by the renowned educator Graeme Crawford. Launched in Sydney in June 2000 this dynamic, contemporary and creative schooling environment quickly established itself as a unique approach to independent schooling in Australia. Reddam's immediate success in Sydney was reflected in the dramatic growth of student numbers. In January 2001 the school started with 160 students and the school has nowgrown to over 800 across the two campuses. This growth seems set to continue with enormous interest and students being drawn from a complete cross-section of over 40 different schools. Reddam House offers a fresh and contemporary approach to education by re-evaluating traditional teaching methods and curriculums, and recreating a more dynamic, relevant and powerful model that is more in keeping with today's attitudes.
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