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Bayside Group has been a trusted partner to employers and job seekers since 1976. With discipline and industry recruitment expertise, we deliver award-winning employment and workforce management solutions in our areas of specialisation.

In 2021, we consolidated our specialist recruitment brands, Bayside Personnel, Austra Health, Bayside Group Automotive, Techstaff and Bridge Consulting, under the Bayside Personnel banner to create a stronger base from which to support our clients and candidates.

With industry knowledge, networks and recruitment expertise, we’re able to identify the challenges and key areas of growth for clients, while placing job seekers in roles relevant to their skills and experience. Visit our website to learn more.

Anyone who has looked for work knows, finding the right role can be time consuming. These days, efficiency is important, so job seekers are more likely to filter through job boards with vigour and haste, based on preconceptions and personal preferences. As a job seeker, you can find out almost everything you need to know about a business through your networks, and by visiting company websites and social media profiles. This research is not only a critical step to understanding a business, but one taken by more and more job seekers.

As job seeker behaviours change, it is vital for companies to recognise this shift and provide more information for job seekers online. Additionally, companies may also find it beneficial to understand what attracts employees and change accordingly if they want to continue to attract the best people.

Our Techstaff recruitment team took to the annual Australian Institute of Food Science Technology (AIFST) convention in Sydney last month to discover what employees really thought, as part of their quest to discover whether there is a formula to employment success. Employees as well as employers were asked the question: what attracts you to a particular company?

Well over half of our respondents from the convention believe that the work culture and environment of a business is the main drawcard for a job seeker, with an outstanding 63% placing this as a priority. This highlights how an open, understanding workplace can allow employees to feel comfortable in their self and in their role, leading to higher engagement and fulfilment.

A culture where people have the flexibility to get the job done without ineffective procedures and policies clouding productivity is far more attractive to prospective talent. Ultimately, job seekers wish to understand as much as they can about the business they intend to work for before accepting a position there. When businesses provide this, it’s a huge positive for job seekers.

Brand reputation was found to be second most important, with 37% of people surveyed identifying this as an attraction. A positive reputation can deliver businesses that point of difference in a crowded marketplace, can support customer retention as well as engagement on both social and traditional forms of media. For job seekers, strong brand reputation can create positive associations and help build trust.

Strong leadership came in third, with 32% agreeing that this is also an important point of consideration when choosing an employer. Job seekers find comfort in the idea that their leader is efficient, productive and understanding of individual and team needs.

Businesses would be wise to consider these factors when assessing their impact on job seekers in the marketplace. If they are not doing all they can to create ta workplace that is attractive to employees, they run the risk of potentially losing traction with higher quality candidates.

Our survey results indicate the need for employers to listen, learn and grow in line with the changing requirements of job seekers, as well as their current workforce. The truth of the matter is if someone is going to spend as much time at a job as they do anywhere else, it’s important to find a position that suits work style and plans for the future.